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Refine your sales process

Understand what you are selling, who you are selling it to and where your customers are

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Discover modern sales techniques that work both on and offline

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Create repeat customers that are loyal to your brand and generate more money

The art of influence

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Sales are the lifeblood of every business, yet most people are almost always selling the wrong thing in the wrong way. The aim of Lucid Selling is for you to understand tried and tested methods of modern day sales techniques, both on and offline. By working with us you will understand exactly what you are selling, who you are selling it to and finding out where your ideal customers are located.
We have had the honour and the privilege of working with, consulting for and training some of the worlds largest brands and companies.From beginner through to advanced, individual start up or international sales team, sales rockstar or sales manager, we offer a full range of sales training that can be delivered either online or throughout the UK and Europe. All backed up by our world class ongoing support. Our training is focused on providing you with the right skills, techniques and behaviours to have real impact on your selling results.Discover what makes people buy, generate more leads, turn your leads into sales and create lifelong customers who are loyal to your brand.

We can design and deliver to you a bespoke training course or on going sales training programme based around your exact requirements.All of our training is centred around what you sell and how you sell it. By working together you will unlock the right mindset, the right skill set and the right tool set required to be a sales success and generate more income in an ethical and up to date way. Sales is a two way process in which all parties will benefit. We will show you how you can achieve this. Our aim is to provide you or your sales team with the very latest tools, approaches and techniques that are fundamental in winning more business and to prospect and network effectively, productively and profitably which will refine, optimise and maximise your sales.
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