10 ways to steal customers from your competition

December 6, 2017
December 6, 2017 Pete Dunn

10 ways to steal customers from your competition

Stealing customers is not exactly ethical or moral, is it?

Not really – but taking more market share in your industry is – when you have more market share, what do you get?

More customers.

More customers = more money.

Which is nice.

Think of it as rival gangs fighting for their turf.

Are you ready to be the biggest baddest sales mofo out there?

If so, please read on.

The ten ways you can steal your competitors’ customers are:

  1. Be a spy
  2. Outsmart them
  3. Become a lead magnet
  4. Send them the sh*t
  5. Poached egg? Poach a client
  6. Give and get
  7. Flirt and foreplay
  8. Time for a tsunami
  9. Show off
  10. Kill the competition with this question


So let’s look at those in more depth, shall we?

Be a spy.

What exactly does this mean do you think?

You should always have your ear to the ground, listen to industry gossip, read relevant publications, go to any relevant events.

Basically be nosey!

Your competition (just like you) will always make mistakes.

When they do (and never interrupt them when they are in the middle of making a mistake) be there to sweep up and benefit.


Outsmart them.

Think different to how your competition think. More important is to be and act differently.

Disrupt the status quo.

If they place an advert in a publication, you place an advert to say you will offer 10% off anyone who brings in their ripped out advert.

Disruption and polarisation are powerful tools to use my friends.


Become a lead magnet.

Now, this is naughty and has nothing to do with being a key person of influence.

This is basically finding competition who has gone out of business or is in dire straits and redirecting their customers to you.

Do they have a physical advert somewhere? Place yours over the top.


Send them the sh*t.

One of your competitors doing something bad? Highlight it to them directly.

Sounds crazy right? Why would you point out they are making a mistake?

Because you can actually help them out by offering YOUR services, at a price of course.


Poached egg? Poach a client.

Social recon is pretty much a must do when we sell.

Find your competition, find their owners, sales staff and see who they follow on social media.

Try to identify where they are doing business online and with who.

Start to connect and engage with their customers.


Give and Get.

The standard psychological rule of reciprocation.

Do your research on your competitors’ client base leveraging social media.

Send them all something for free.



Flirt and Foreplay.

Ever been a customer of an organisation for a while and got annoyed by the fact that they seem to want new customers more, by offering them attractive deals?

Where’s their customer loyalty?

I bet some of your competitors fall into this trap, speak to their existing customer’s frustration and show them some love.

Because what happens after we flirt and do the foreplay correctly?


Time for a tsunami.

Flood your marketplace with high-quality content, always give value.

Got the secret sauce?

Give it away.

While your competition is closely guarding theirs, yours is available for customers to benefit from.

They will invest in you. You can never give enough value!


Show off.

You need to know the strengths and weaknesses of your competition!

What do you do better than them?

Create a marketing or advertising campaign that shows how you are better than them.


Kill the competition with this question.

“Haven’t (your competitors’ name) been screwing you over for the last 5 years? Isn’t that why I am really here?”

Edit it to your own requirements.


How do you ensure that your market share is forever growing?