Sales objections and making the most of them

January 4, 2018
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January 4, 2018 Pete Dunn

Sales objections and making the most of them

Making the most of objections

Sales objections, how many do you get daily?

Do you make the most of them? Or do they wear you down and make you want to quit.

Most sales trainers will train us to overcome objections, which is right.

Overcoming sales objections from prospects and customers is a necessary evil.

But we should never want, look for or welcome objections.

In fact, let’s look at this from a buyers perspective, shall we?

Think back to the last time you were actively being sold to, or making a purchase.

What were you buying? Can you remember?

See where most salesmen and women go wrong is they try to hard close over an objection, or take it as a personal attack

“I am the greatest salesmen alive, how dare you give me an objection”

Let me say this again

we should never want, look for or welcome objections.

So what exactly are they, please keep reading.

Sales objections are reservations or concerns that our customers still have about our product or service.

Now let me caveat something quickly, whilst we should never look for them or necessarily want them as professional and successful salespeople

They can be considered buying signals (and more on buying signals later).

Think about it, if our customers have a concern before investing, well this suggests that they must be interested right.

So we need to handle any and all objections we get (and we WILL get them) as sensitively and sensibly as possible.

It is our duty to help and guide customers along the buying journey.

So when people object, what are they really saying?

“I want more information”

“I need some more proof”

“I want to make sure that this product will do what I need”

“I’m almost convinced, but I just need a little more from you”

“Give me some more reasons to”

Remember, our duty is to understand the REAL reason for their concern and provide the RIGHT response that meets and answers that concern.

We are here to help and serve.

Plus, in my not so humble opinion, real selling starts when we get a no.

What is the most common objection that you face?